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Connecting parents, caregivers and service providers in the Campbell River area with programs, services and resources designed to help children and families live healthy lives.

Signing of Campbell River and Area Children's Charter

On Tuesday, November 15, Community Leaders from across Campbell River came together to support the launch of the first Campbell River and Area Children's Charter.  To see a full press release read here.  The official signing of the Charter can be watched here.   more

Campbell River Children's Charter

The City of Campbell River recognised the importance of supporting children back in February 2015 when they committed to supporting the development of a Children’s Charter for Campbell River. This commitment outlines how groups, organisations, and individuals in Campbell River will work together to... more

Fostering Resiliency with Aboriginal Children and Families

Fostering Resiliency with Indigenous Children and Families This workshop will begin with an overview on how stress & trauma impact a child’s wellness and why we may see various behavioural disruptions and challenges in attachment. Participants will deepen their understanding of history in... more

Launch Breakfast of the Children's Charter

More photos from the launch of the Children's Charter on November 15. Assistant Superintendent SD72, Nevenka Fair; MLA Claire Trevena; John Powell, Chair KDC City Councillor Colleen Evans, MLA Claire Trevena, Dr. Tanya Flood, FYI Doctors Student Committee and Charter Committee Acting Mayor, City Councillor Marlene Wright more